SRS is the Simple Rating System

Under each sport and classification, there's a SRS: Simple Ranking System. What is the SRS? This blog post is a good explanation on what it is (you really should read at least the first part of that post before reading more, or it just won't make sense).

How is the SRS implemented here?

  • SRS is the raw SRS with no margin limit.
  • Avg PD is the average point differential.
  • Opp Avg is the Opponents average point differential.
  • Num Games is, well, the number of games that team has played.

Only the current, up-to-the-minute SRS is available to view. You can see last-season (or any season, but seasons without complete data such as before 2010 are meaningless). Here is the 2011 5A Football final SRS.

Last modified: March 28, 2014