RPI for 2014 Idaho Football

What is the RPI?

This is not the CHSAA RPI. This is the RPRPI RPI.

Only teams that have played games in this season will show in this list.

Shelley 3A0000
Minico 4A0000
Pocatello 4A0000
Bonneville 5A0000
Madison 5A0000
Preston 4A0000
Century 4A0000
Blackfoot 4A0000
Hillcrest 5A0000
Middleton 4A0000
Rigby 4A0000
Bishop Kelly 4A0000
Burley 4A0000
Jerome 4A0000
Wood River 4A0000
Twin Falls 4A0000
Canyon Ridge 4A0000
Highland 5A0000
Eagle 5A0000
Capital 5A0000
Rocky Mountain 5A0000
Fruitland 3A0000
Mountain View 5A0000
Borah 5A0000
Coeur dAlene 5A0000
Centennial 5A0000
Lake City 5A0000
Boise 5A0000
Firth 2A0000
Skyview 4A0000
Timberline 5A0000
Meridian 5A0000
Teton 3A0000
Snake River 3A0000
Skyline 5A0000
Vallivue 5A0000
Kuna 4A0000
Lewiston 5A0000
Grangeville 2A0000
Lakeland 4A0000
Marsing 2A0000
West Side 2A0000
Salmon 2A0000
Idaho Falls 5A0000
Declo 2A0000
Emmett 3A0000
Columbia 5A0000
Post Falls 5A0000
New Plymouth 2A0000
Gooding 3A0000
Sugar-Salem 3A0000
Soda Springs 2A0000
Moscow 4A0000
American Falls 3A0000
McCall-Donnelly 2A0000
Bear Lake 3A0000
Caldwell 4A0000
Aberdeen 2A0000
Timberlake 3A0000
Parma 3A0000
Sandpoint 4A0000
Priest River 3A0000
Nampa 5A0000
St. Maries 2A0000
Melba 2A0000
Marsh Valley 3A0000
Malad 2A0000
Kimberly 3A0000
Orofino 2A0000
Mountain Home 4A0000
Ririe 2A0000
South Fremont 3A0000
Wendell 2A0000
Valley 2A0000
Kellogg 3A0000
West Jefferson 2A0000
Filer 3A0000
Glenns Ferry 1A I0000
Bonners Ferry 3A0000
Oakley 2A0000
Lighthouse Christian 1A II0000
Castleford 1A II0000
Carey 1A II0000
Genesee 1A I0000
Potlatch 1A I0000
Challis 1A I0000
Deary 1A II0000
Garden Valley 1A II0000
Clark County 1A II0000
Council 1A II0000
Notus 1A I0000
Idaho City 1A I0000
Rockland 1A II0000
North Gem 1A II0000
Kendrick 1A II0000
Richfield 1A II0000
Horseshoe Bend 1A II0000
Cascade 1A II0000
Lewis County co-op [Highland/Nezperce/Culdesac] 1A II0000
Lakeside 1A II0000
Dietrich 1A II0000
Grace 1A I0000
Butte County 1A I0000
Kamiah 1A I0000
Calvary Chapel 1A II0000
Sho-Ban 1A II0.147800.1250.341
Cole Valley Christian 2A0.24330.13330.28080.2784
Murtaugh 1A II0.29900.38410.4278
Mullan 1A II0.29920.1250.3210.4297
Nampa Christian 2A0.30940.40.25760.3225
Greenleaf Friends Academy 1A I0.31280.22220.2840.4611
Payette 3A0.32170.16670.37140.3772
North Fremont 2A0.32530.360.31110.319
Kootenai 1A II0.33630.14290.38720.4279
Buhl 3A0.35440.33330.37390.3366
Shoshone 1A I0.35770.1250.44350.4186
Weiser 3A0.360.28130.3750.4086
Hagerman 1A I0.36730.30.36290.4433
Tri-Valley 1A II0.36990.1250.44410.4663
Camas County 1A II0.378700.53590.443
Homedale 3A0.38030.450.35330.3647
Rimrock 1A I0.38880.11110.50070.4426
Mackay 1A II0.39140.33330.37950.4732
Clark Fork 1A II0.43130.44440.42030.4402
Timberline 1A II0.4330.55560.36040.4557
Clearwater Valley 1A I0.48430.250.57340.5405
Salmon River 1A II0.50250.3750.57860.4776
Wallace 1A I0.51240.6250.44640.5319
Raft River 1A I0.52150.81820.39510.4774
Lapwai 1A I0.54530.3750.6330.5401
Wilder 1A II0.57210.81820.49050.4893
Troy 1A I0.60270.80.5160.5788
Prairie 1A I0.693410.61490.5439